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Kelli’s Quill - December 2017 Issue

Kelli’s Quill
December 2017 Issue

Hi everyone! This is my last blog post of 2017. I’m sharing a look at Naughty Nobles - my spicy romance trilogy, links to a new review and a book excerpt, and answering some FAQ about the making of Naughty Nobles.

Look for new stuff (new social media platforms, new banners, new links & more) coming 2018!

Enjoy the rest of the year,


3 Nights of Delights…
This month, I’m highlighting the Naughty Nobles trilogy. These sizzling-hot historical/fantasy novellas are guaranteed to heat up a cold winter night!

Although the stories are connected, each stands alone as an individual read. They’re available on several ebook platforms and all are just $1.99. If you haven’t read them, why not give them a try? They also make great gifts!

Here’s a look at each title:

Midsummer Night’s Delights introduces readers to Julian and Annabelle. They are strangers trapped in an arranged, sexless marriage. To loosen them up, Julian’s father sends them to the Marquis of Demby’s estate to attend a Midsummer Ball. (And this type of ball isn’t for dancing!)

Midsummer Night’s Delights

At this Midsummer Ball, couples pair up everywhere—but not for dancing!

Young newlyweds Julian and Annabelle are miserable. Their arranged marriage is lacking everything—especially sex. Julian suffers from a lack of confidence and is harboring a secret urge. Innocent Annabelle’s longings go unnoticed and unfulfilled, no matter what she tries.

But all that changes when they are invited to a Midsummer Ball. Their unconventional hosts, Vincent and Sabrina, introduce them to a world where their most intimate desires and hidden passions are explored—and fulfilled. Swapping and naughty games are just a few of the surprises awaiting them…

Bonus! This e-book includes a sneak peek at the second book in the Naughty Nobles trilogy, Midwinter Night’s Delights.

Order your copy here:

Midwinter Night’s Delights is just as hot (if not hotter) than Midsummer Night’s Delights and follows the continuing adventures of young newlyweds Julian and Annabelle.

Midwinter Night’s Delights
Julian and Annabelle are back for another naughty ball!

The Marquis of Demby’s Midsummer Ball transformed Julian and Annabelle forever. No longer shy about satisfying their sexual urges, they give in to their wanton desires whenever—and wherever—the mood strikes. Anything goes in their open marriage, and they’re not ashamed to share their passions with others.

But everything changes when they are sent to Vincent and Sabrina’s estate to be disciplined. Before they can participate in the Midwinter Ball, they must learn self-control. Carnal punishments and sensual lessons are just a few of the erotic surprises awaiting them… before the ball even begins!

Bonus! This e-book includes a sneak peek at the third book in the Naughty Nobles trilogy: Ultimate Night’s Delights.

Order your copy here:

In Ultimate Night’s Delights Vincent finds himself in a bit of trouble! Fans of the first two novellas will find this one to be a satisfying conclusion to the series.

Ultimate Night’s Delights
Julian and Annabelle are back for the final ball!

The Midsummer and Midwinter Balls changed Julian and Annabelle forever. Vincent, the Marquis of Demby, and his wife, Sabrina, introduced them to a world of erotic pleasures. Freed from their inhibitions, they now help other shy couples explore their sexual urges and hidden desires.

But life on Vincent and Sabrina’s estate is anything but tranquil. The notorious Duke of Blackwell has discovered the secret about the naughty balls and is out to destroy the marquis.

Vincent refuses to deny the rumors about the “anything goes” parties he hosts, and turns to his friends for assistance. Together, they devise a plan to defeat the Black Duke… and still find time for a few wicked games.

Order your copy here:

I hope you’ll check out the trilogy. The books were a lot of fun to write and have received excellent reviews. 

A quick note to readers…
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Speaking of Reviews…
My contemporary romance novel, Trust with Hearts got a great review. Here’s a snippet:
There are family and friends, sorrow, loss, sadness, fear, anger, hurt, angst, tears, laughter, happiness, lots of loving and ultimately love. There is a nice flow to the story and I loved Curtis’ memories of growing up with his grandmother and what an important role she played in his life even now. Wilkins is a new to me author and I look forward to reading more of her books in the contemporary and historical romance genres – two that I especially love.

Then, catch up on my latest interview. I talk about writing and share an excerpt from Trust with Hearts: http://romancing-the-book.com/2017/11/interview-kelli-a-wilkins.html
Here’s the summary and links:

Trust with Hearts
After a bitter breakup, Sherrie Parker seeks refuge at her cousin Dave’s house in rural West Virginia. Early one morning, she runs into Dave’s other houseguest, a singer named Curtis Taylor. The last thing Sherrie wants is to share living quarters with a country music crooner – even if he is sexy, in a cowboy sort of way.

Thrown together by circumstances, Sherrie and Curtis get off to a rocky start, but soon discover they have more in common than they ever imagined. Unable to fight their growing attraction, they give in to their desires and start a sizzling summer romance.

Everything is perfect between them until Sherrie discovers that Curtis is keeping secrets from her – and his biggest secret of all will change everything. Can their newfound love survive, or will destiny keep them apart forever?

Order your copy here:

The Naughty Nobles trilogy - 5 fun FAQ:
I’m sharing a few FAQ about the super-spicy Naughty Nobles trilogy…

1. You introduced readers to Julian and Annabelle in Midsummer Night’s Delights and brought them back in Midwinter Night’s Delights. For readers who aren’t familiar with Julian and Annabelle, could you introduce us?

Sure! In Midsummer Night’s Delights, Julian and Annabelle started out as repressed newlyweds. They were virtual strangers trapped in an arranged marriage. To loosen them up, Julian’s father sends them to the Marquis of Demby’s estate to attend a Midsummer Ball. Julian and Annabelle meet the Marquis, Vincent, and his wife, Sabrina. Over the course of their visit, they learn how to open up and explore their sexuality.

Midwinter Night’s Delights picks up six months after the first book. Ever since the summer ball, Annabelle and Julian have been overindulging in all sorts of naughty activities. They give into their newfound wanton desires whenever (and wherever) the mood strikes – even if it’s at a formal dinner party. Julian’s father sends them back to Vincent’s estate to be disciplined and learn self-control.  

2. Tell us a little about Ultimate Night’s Delights. What inspired you to write it?

This story is the final chapter in a series that began with Midsummer Night’s Delights. When I wrote the first book, I never intended to write a sequel and had no idea I’d be starting a trilogy.

After I finished Midwinter Night’s Delights, I wrote a few other romances, and then started toying with ideas for a third novella that tied everything up. Readers and reviewers fell in love with the characters from the first two books and wanted more. I was happy to round out the series with Ultimate Night’s Delights. I leave everyone in a good place!

Although the three novellas are companions to one another, each story stands alone as a separate read.

3. What was your favorite scene/character in Midwinter Night’s Delights to write?

The whole book was a lot of fun to write, so it’s hard to pick a favorite scene. Many of the scenes are very graphic, but two scenes stand out in my mind as particularly sensual. 
In one scene, Julian is given the task of pleasuring an incredibly shy woman. He has to learn how to focus on her needs and her body, while earning her trust. The scene is hot, and yet has a tender, innocent side to it.

Later in the book, Annabelle and Julian get rewarded for “learning their lessons” and receive a special kind of erotic massage. As readers of the first book know, Midsummer Night’s Delights is very graphic – the follow-up story takes Julian and Annabelle into a world where they must learn how to submit to their “punishments” and control themselves sexually.

I also enjoyed writing the scenes where Julian is protesting his punishments and gets a little snippy with Vincent and Sabrina. I tried to infuse a little bit of humor into those scenes. 

4. What was the hardest scene/character in Midwinter Night’s Delights to write?

A few of the graphic love scenes were a little tough to write. I was also challenged to show how Annabelle and Julian enjoyed their unusual “punishments” at the estate. But one thing I’ve learned over the years of writing romance is that I have to turn off my “internal editor” every so often when it comes to writing some of the more explicit love scenes.

My romances not only run the gamut of different genre categories, but they also have different heat levels. When I write love scenes, I let the characters “do whatever comes natural” then if I feel that something needs to be toned down, I make revisions.

Since this is a sequel, I was very familiar with the characters and their personalities, so their interactions weren’t hard to write. However, I did introduce two new characters, Lobo and Lono, into this story, and they play an important role in the third book.

5. These books are pretty hot! How do you decide how hot or not your book is going to be?
I don’t really decide that - I let the characters determine it for me. All of my books vary in heat level from mild (Loving a Wild Stranger) to super scorching-hot (Midsummer Night’s Delights), but I don’t set out to write a “hot” or “erotic” book. My characters come from different backgrounds and sexual experiences, with different likes and dislikes, so as I’m writing, they tell me what’s going to happen in a love scene.

Some characters are more open and willing to try anything, from using toys to experimenting with same-sex partners or multiple partners—others would be turned off by something like that, so it all depends on the character. And sometimes they’ll surprise me. For example, when I started writing Midsummer I discovered that Julian and Annabelle were open to experimenting with same-sex encounters. (This was made even more obvious in the two sequels.)

So, even though I create the characters, I never know what to expect from one book to the next!
I hope readers will check out the series and let me know which book or character(s) they liked best!

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