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Kelli’s Quill Newsletter - March 2017 Issue

Kelli’s Quill Newsletter

March 2017 Issue

Hello everyone! Are you ready for spring? I know I’m glad that warm and sunny weather is just around the corner. Spring is a time of change, fresh beginnings, and new possibilities.  

In this issue of the Quill I’m sharing a look at my super-hot erotic romance trilogy, book reviews, and links to guest blogs. The Kelli’s Corner writing section lets the characters do the talking as we discuss dialogue. Let’s get started!

Just Released – The Naughty Nobles Trilogy

In February, Kelli released the first two novellas that make up the Naughty Nobles trilogy: Midsummer Night’s Delights and Midwinter Night’s Delights. Although the books are connected, each stands alone as an individual read.

Here are the summaries and links for each:

Midsummer Night’s Delights

At this Midsummer Ball, couples pair up everywhere—but not for dancing!

Young newlyweds Julian and Annabelle are miserable. Their arranged marriage is lacking everything—especially sex. Julian suffers from a lack of confidence and is harboring a secret urge. Innocent Annabelle’s longings go unnoticed and unfulfilled, no matter what she tries.

But all that changes when they are invited to a Midsummer Ball. Their unconventional hosts, Vincent and Sabrina, introduce them to a world where their most intimate desires and hidden passions are explored—and fulfilled. Swapping and naughty games are just a few of the surprises awaiting them…

Order your copy of Midsummer Night’s Delights here:

Midwinter Night’s Delights

Julian and Annabelle are back for another naughty ball!

The Marquis of Demby’s Midsummer Ball transformed Julian and Annabelle forever. No longer shy about satisfying their sexual urges, the young newlyweds give in to their wanton desires whenever—and wherever—the mood strikes. Anything goes in their open marriage, and they’re not ashamed to share their passions with others.

But everything changes when they are sent to Vincent and Sabrina’s estate to be disciplined. Before they can participate in the Midwinter Ball, they must learn self-control. Carnal punishments and sensual lessons are just a few of the erotic surprises awaiting them… before the ball even begins!

Order your copy of Midwinter Night’s Delights here:

Ultimate Night’s Delights, the third and final installment of the series, was released in March. 

Ultimate Night’s Delights

Julian and Annabelle are back for the final ball!

The Midsummer and Midwinter Balls changed Julian and Annabelle forever. Vincent, the Marquis of Demby, and his wife, Sabrina, introduced them to a world of erotic pleasures. Freed from their inhibitions, they now help other shy couples explore their sexual urges and hidden desires. 

But life on Vincent and Sabrina’s estate is anything but tranquil. The notorious Duke of Blackwell has discovered the secret about the naughty balls and is out to destroy the marquis. 

Vincent refuses to deny the rumors about the “anything goes” parties he hosts, and turns to his friends for assistance. Together, they devise a plan to defeat the Black Duke… and still find time for a few wicked games.

Order your copy of Ultimate Night’s Delights here:

Reviews for the Naughty Nobles Trilogy
Readers and reviewers enjoy this super-hot romance series!

Midsummer Night’s Delights:

“5 Lips! A lusty tale I fell in love with the four main characters and would love to know Vincent and Sabrina’s back story. Hint! Hint!” Sheila, Two Lips Reviews

 “Smokin’, 4 Stars! Looking for an author that isn’t afraid to push the envelope in erotic romance? Kelli A. Wilkins has gifted us with her take on a secret summer ball that opens the eyes of two unsure newlyweds. This is a story that unknowingly draws you in. Subtle teases and heated scenes ebb and flow around the central characters and before you know it you’re eagerly turning the pages to see what sexual situations unfold. You won’t be disappointed with this piece – you’ll be curious, become titillated, and leave aroused.” Natalie,
“For those of you who delight in erotic romances, Midsummer Night's Delights is a book you won’t want to miss. Kelli A. Wilkins is an author who brings a huge amount of joyful imagination to her writing, an equal part of enthusiasm, and a lot of talent as well. Her love for her characters shines through in her words, their plights so wonderfully explained, and the resolution of the problems so innovative and erotic. Midsummer Night's Delights is a must buy for Kelli Wilkins fans everywhere, as well as those who enjoy a truly excellent erotic romance.” Rose,
“4.5 Blue Ribbons! What a romp! A delight in itself! Endearing characters with a real problem and a rather thrilling, fun answer. Good writing and lots of action make this a book to recommend!” Kris Jones, Romance Junkies
“This novella has a lot of charm. The sex scenes are varied and as enticing for the reader as for the participants. Eventually, all the characters become good friends who are always ready for good sex. It would be hard to imagine a happier ending.” Lizardlez, Rainbow Reviews
“Takes you on a scorching-hot journey of a young couple learning about each other, their wants, needs, and desires. Midsummer Night's Delights is definitely not for the faint of heart. Ms. Wilkins pens a deliciously wicked tale that is fresh, fun, and wholly delightful.” Shayna, Joyfully Reviewed

Midwinter Night’s Delights:

 “An extraordinary, no-holds-barred passionate journey for Julian and Annabelle takes on the darker side of eroticism. I did enjoy the glimpse into Vincent and Sabrina’s past.” Shayna, Joyfully Reviewed

 “With Julian and Annabelle, Kelli A. Wilkins has stretched her boundaries with care, chosen the settings that suited each encounter, then meshes them with the story in a way that draws the reader in and allows them to again live their experiences. Midwinter Night's Delights is a book you won’t want to miss. An excellent erotic romance. Truly a keeper.” Romance at Heart

Ultimate Night’s Delights:

“5 STARS! Lots of sexy fun! I enjoyed following the adventures of Julian and Annabelle. Vincent and Sabrina, as usual are fun and sexy. Vincent's issues with his enemy, the Duke of Blackwell play out along the way, and lead to a very satisfying ending.” N.G., Amazon Review

“4 STARS! Awesome finale. I love the characters and the plan they come up with to help defeat the Black Duke. Really enjoyed the characters and hope maybe there could be another book :)” Dawn, Amazon Review
“4 STARS! Happy to have Julian and Annabelle back again. My fave characters. Enjoy the story very much, but sad that this is the final book!” – D., GoodReads Review

Kelli’s Guest Blogging
Read her Night Owl Reviews Author Tip of the Week:

The Naughty Nobles Trilogy:
Read “inside looks” at the making of each book. Each post includes an excerpt.
Midsummer Night’s Delights: 
Midwinter Night’s Delights:
​Ultimate Night’s Delights:

If you like your romance a bit milder, read about Kelli’s pioneer romance, Loving a Wild Stranger:

Kelli’s Corner
This month in Kelli’s Corner we’re taking a look at dialogue. Dialogue is more than what the characters “say” or words on a page. It’s a method of sharing information and advancing the storyline. 

Dialogue has two purposes in a story. One is to let readers learn about the characters. Readers get to know them based on what they say (or don’t say) and how they say it—either directly or indirectly. For example, if a woman responds to her husband in clipped, one word answers “No. Fine. Whatever.” it conveys annoyance.

In dialogue, characters can lie to each other, to themselves, and generally say what you want them to (remember, it’s your story). Maybe your murder suspect answers a detective’s question with a question, or goes off on long-winded tangents to distract him. Maybe the detective acts nice and treats the suspect politely to gain his confidence in the hopes of learning where a victim is buried.

Dialogue also can be used to hinder or change a character’s goal (“I’ve decided to leave a day early.”), motivate them (“We have to leave, now!”), or show conflict (“Screw you. I’m not going anywhere.”). You can use dialogue to conceal or reveal a character’s secret, foreshadow a major event, expand on a climactic moment, or convey a plot twist. (“I know Ken didn’t kill Elaine, because he was with me all night.”)

Through dialogue, you can embellish or develop character traits, reveal a backstory, have a character lie, or show how a character reacts to a situation. A cop may curse when he gets locked out of his apartment, but a nice pre-school teacher from Iowa says, “Aw shucks.”

Be sure your characters don’t all sound the same. Vary their word choices and manner of speaking. Each character must have his or her unique voice. Everyone speaks differently—one character may have an accent or a dialect that identifies him as hailing from a certain region of the country. A member of the royal family will have a different inflection to his words and a different vocabulary (and slang) than that of an East End bloke.

Use dialogue to impart information and advance the plot of your novel or short story. Imagine a man rushing into a room, yelling “They killed him!” That jumps you right into the action, doesn’t it? How about a live on-air news announcer saying something super scandalous?

EXERCISE 1: Use dialogue to jumpstart a scene. Try some of these lines to get started, or invent your own.

“Who are you and how did you get into my house?”
“A swan ate my corn dog.”
 “Did you kill him, Sue?”
“Dave called. You won’t believe what happened.”
“I don’t care if she is your cousin, you can’t marry her.”

Let your dialogue speak for itself. Stay away from demonstrative tags such as “he screamed” or “she wailed through her tears.” Instead, let your descriptive narration convey the characters’ emotions. Let the readers see him so enraged he punches a door, or show her blotting her eyes and blowing her nose.

EXERCISE 2: Write three to five different types of dialogue. Try exchanges that are funny, serious, or frightening. Spice it up and have a character lie or hide a secret!

Want more writing tips, exercises, and advice? Check out my writing guide: You Can Write—Really!)

I hope you enjoyed this issue of the Quill. Feel free to share this newsletter and my links you’re your friends on social media and follow my author pages for the latest news!

Until next time…..

Happy Reading,


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