Sunday, October 23, 2016

Celebrate Halloween with Dead Til Dawn & Kropsy's Curse

Hi everyone! 

Halloween is just around the corner (yey!), and this week I’m focusing on my two horror ebooks, Dead Til Dawn and Kropsy's Curse. These short horror tales were a lot of fun to write, and I'm pleased to say that readers and reviewers enjoyed them.

Dead ‘Til Dawn

Disturbing the dead doesn’t prove you’re brave – it proves you’re stupid.
After touring Gettysburg battlefield, Jessica, Tim, and Steve decide to sneak out to the Devil’s Den for some late-night fun. Jessica’s friend Kathy objects, and warns them about trespassing where they’re not wanted.

Undaunted by ghost stories and fueled by his own arrogance, Tim races toward the Devil’s Den. When the group drives through mysterious battlefield fog, they find themselves surrounded by Civil War soldiers looking for a little fun of their own.

Kathy leaves the others to fend for themselves and flees to Little Round Top. Although she’s rescued by a kind-hearted Union solider named Charlie, she refuses to believe that what she’s experiencing is real. As the nighttime battle rages on, Charlie introduces Kathy to other weary soldiers, and she quickly realizes she’s trapped in the land of the dead until dawn.
Spend a night in the land of the dead in this 8,200-word ghost story set on the Gettysburg battlefield.

Order your copy of Dead Til Dawn here. It’s only $1.99:

Beware of Kropsy’s Curse!

Late one Halloween night, two young boys venture into a secluded graveyard in the hopes of conjuring up a spirit. Although Kyle is skeptical and would rather be home eating candy and watching horror movies, he reluctantly goes along with Jerry’s plan. He doesn’t believe Ouija boards work—until this one starts spelling out a message…

This Halloween-themed 1500-word short story is a cautionary tale about playing with a Ouija board in a graveyard.

Order Kropsy’s Curse here for only 99 cents - what a treat!

Still not scared?
Several of my short horror stories have appeared in various anthologies. Read my tales of terror in Mistresses of the Macabre, Haunted, Wrapped in White, Cat Tales, Frightmares, The Best of the First Line, and more. Visit my Amazon page for a full title list and links! 

Next week, I'll celebrate the holiday by giving everyone a treat - sharing my October newsletter!
Happy Haunting!

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