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Kelli's Quill Newsletter - April Issue

Kelli’s Quill

Happy Spring Issue!

April 2015

I hope you’re enjoying the spring weather! This month in the Quill I’m sharing news about my book contest, two 5-star reviews, links to guest blogs, and a few fun Q&A. 

You Could Have Won a Copy of You Can Write – Really! but the contest is over. 

Don't worry, you can still order a copy here:

Here are excerpts from those two great reviews I mentioned:

Literary Nymphs review:
You Can Write—Really! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction has a lot of very practical advice that is easy to understand and follow. The author did a good job breaking up the various components of writing a book or short story, making you think you are in a creative writing class as opposed to an English class. Each section of the book was followed by exercises that used the principles she was trying to convey. I loved this book and the way it is so easy to understand and follow. The author did good job in organizing it. Whether you are someone just starting or someone with some publications, this is a good book for the bookshelf.

Amazon Reviewer Nerdy Girl has this to say:
You Can Write—Really! isn’t just for beginning writers, it has something for writers at every stage. With sections such as Meet the muse, Excuses, Ideas, Characters, Marketing, etc., whatever you're looking for, there's something here to learn from. This book breaks down the writing process and shares tips and tricks to help you to learn and grow. I highly recommend it as a reference and as a way to inspire and encourage you to move past writing blocks, and tap into your creativity.

Kelli’s Been Guest Blogging!
I’ve been guest blogging about You Can Write—Really! Read what I have to say here:



Romance Rewind!
Last April, Dangerous Indenture made its spring debuts. This full-length novels has a unique storyline, a feisty heroine, and steamy love scenes.  If you missed it, catch up here:

Dangerous Indenture is available in several ebook formats:

Q&A with Kelli

Here are a few questions I’ve been asked recently. If you have a question you’d like me to answer, send it to me and I’ll answer it in an upcoming issue of the Quill!

What motivates you to write?

I’m motivated by the stories and the characters that pop into my head. I’ll be minding my own business, and “surprise!” an idea for a book or a short story appears out of nowhere. When that happens, I write down the idea or outline the story before it fades away. I love the process of writing a story and living it through the different characters. It’s exciting to invent a world for these people to live in and then write down what happens to them.

How do you come up with the titles for your books?

Coming up with titles is one of the hardest parts of writing a book. I can write the 70,000 word novel just fine, but then I get stuck on a three word title. Sometimes titles come to me before I start writing (that happened with A Secret Match) and that’s great. 

I played a mix and match game with Dangerous Indenture—listing words that described the book, theme, characters, etc., and then combined them into different titles. I did the same sort of thing with You Can Write—Really! I wanted it to be catchy, positive, and motivating. I always ask my friends and family for their suggestions on potential titles and have them “vote” for their favorite once I’ve narrowed it down to three or five.

Out of all the books you’ve written, which ones are your favorites?

It’s hard to choose! I love all my books – they’re like my children. I’ll break down my favorites by genres.
Gay romance: A Secret Match. Ev was so much fun to write for and I love the storyline.

Historical: (This is a hard category to pick from, because I have a lot of historical romances!) I’ll go with The Viking’s Witch. It’s full of adventure, mystery, magic, and Rothgar is a hunky hero! 

Historical/Fantasy: (Again, hard to choose just one!) I’ll go with A Most Unusual Princess. (It’s also my husband’s favorite.) Why? Elara & Dalton have a passionate love-hate relationship and I fell so in love with the characters that I wrote two sequels.

Contemporary: A DeceptiveMatch. This is the book that introduced Vin, Danni and Ev (who we met later in A Secret Match.) It’s a hot summer romance set in the world of professional wrestling.

Paranormal: Beauty & the Bigfoot. Yes, it sounds strange, but this quick, erotic read is a paranormal/comedy with some very unique characters!

(Read excerpts, full book summaries, and reviews of all of my books on my site: www.KelliWilkins.com) 
Which books are your favorites? Drop me a line and let me know!

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