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Kelli’s Quill Newsletter - Welcome Summer Issue

Hi everyone!

Welcome summer! This month I’m sharing guest blogs and interviews, links to
Dangerous Indenture, plus info on a new sci-fi story.

Let’s get started!

Kelli’s New Historical Romance…

Kelli’s second romance with Medallion Press, Dangerous Indenture, is a spicy historical is set in Pennsylvania Colony that blends romance with mystery. It is available exclusively in ebook format.

Reviewers are already falling in love with Ashton & Shauna. Here are a few excerpts:

“5 stars! This novel will keep you riveted from start to finish! I was hooked from page one and did not put it down until I finished it. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this novel. If you love romance with mystery then pick up a copy of this one today and get lost in the story! I know I certainly did! It’s perfectly written to keep you turning page after page, and I promise, you won’t be able to guess the ending…so if you’re looking for a great romance story with a whole lot of action, drama, and mystery then this is your book!!! Definitely a MUST READ!” - April P., Reviewer, My Book Addiction & More

“Combining mystery with romance, this novel keeps the pages turning. . . . Shauna and Ashton are well-developed characters readers can root for. Overall, a great beach read.” - Emily Thompson, SUNY-Oswego, Library Journal
“Kelli A. Wilkins delivers a colonial-era mystery that will appeal to mystery and romance readers alike.” - Lisa Marie Wilkinson, author

Order your copy of Dangerous Indenture from:


Kelli’s New Sci-fi Story!
On Monday, June 16, look for “The Chosen Ones” on the T. Gene Davis Speculative Blog: A new sci-fi, fantasy, or horror story posts every Monday.

Kelli’s Been Guest Blogging All Over!
Since Dangerous Indenture debuted, Kelli has been featured on many guest blogs and done several interviews. Catch up with them here:

Guest blog: Historical Romances with a Modern Twist:

Book spotlight – Dangerous Indenture – read an excerpt
Dangerous Indenture blog tour:

Guest Blog: Chatting with Bad Boys of Romance:

Guest Blog: Historical romances:

Author Interview: 

Dangerous Indenture was the Love Lust & Lipstick Read of the Week:

Look for more guest blogs, interviews, and more coming in late June and July!

Quick Q&A! Kelli Answers some writing questions…
Q: How do you begin the process of telling a new story? Where do you start?

A: Each book comes to me in a different form. Sometimes I’ll have an entire story “jump” into my head, and I’ll know everything about the plot and the characters. 

Other times, I’ll get bits and pieces of the story and parts of the characters. Once in a while, I’ll have a character come first, and after I get to “know” and develop the character, I’ll find out the story. Then the other pieces fall into place, like a puzzle.

Before I start a book, I need to know who the characters are and what’s going to happen to them. After that, I outline the scenes and start writing. As I write, I allow myself some leeway to explore things I hadn’t considered in my outline/list. I might add entire scenes or write scenes that are later omitted. Writing a new book is always an adventure for me and I never know where the characters or stories will take me.

Q: After seventeen-plus romantic novels how do you keep it fresh and spicy in the (literary) bedroom?

A: I let the characters in each story determine the sexual content. Every story is different, and so are the sexual lives of the hero and heroine. Writing in different romance genres influences the sexual content. Writing for the different characters and their individual situations helps keep things interesting and fresh.

In most romances, a sexual relationship is almost a requirement. However, the type of relationship and the frequency of the love scenes have to fit in with the characters and the heat level of the story. Love scenes should show how the characters relate to each other, how they fall in love, and add something to the overall emotional intensity of the story.

I’m often asked how I “know how much to show” in the love scenes. Sometimes it’s nice to give the characters “privacy” and imply what goes on (this lets readers use their imaginations); and yet, other times, readers want to see the passionate side of the relationship. I blend a little of each into my books. But no matter what type of love scene I write, I try to keep most of the focus on the characters and what they’re thinking and feeling emotionally—how the experience makes them more connected to their lover—rather than focus on what their bodies are doing.

Q: When you finish a book what do you do to let go of your characters and the world of that story?

A: When I send a book off to the publisher, it’s not really “done”—there’s more work ahead. I need to do revisions and review the galley. After those are completed, I breathe a sigh of relief and unwind from writing for a while. I might do no writing at all (except for blogs) for a week or two and catch up on my reading. (When I’m writing, I don’t read, and when I’m reading, I don’t write.) This helps me leave the characters behind and I focus on other things.

After a while I’ll get the urge to write again and start working on something new. Although I love my characters, I know when the story is over, it’s time to leave them behind. (Unless of course, they come back to me later and want me to write a sequel!)


I hope you enjoyed this issue of Kelli's Quill. Next month, I'll be sharing mini-excerpts from Dangerous Indenture, social media marketing tips, and more!

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