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Ultimate Night's Delights - Q & A About the Book

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Readers have asked me a few questions about my latest erotic historical romance, Ultimate Night’s Delights. The book is the third and final story that started with Midsummer Night’s Delights and continued with Midwinter Night’s Delights. Readers were curious about the writing process, the characters, and more, so I’m sharing some answers!

Q: Why did you write a trilogy/series?
A: I didn’t – at least not on purpose. Midsummer Night’s Delights was written as a stand-alone title. After it came out, I moved on and wrote a lot of other romances. I had no intention of writing a sequel, but readers asked me about Vincent and Sabrina’s backstory and I starting thinking about the characters. I knew they had more adventures to explore, so I wrote Midwinter Night’s Delights. I had no plans for a third book either, but after writing a few more romances, I came back to Julian and Annabelle and knew I wanted to wrap this up.

I consider the books to be a trilogy more than a series. Each story was written as an individual read, so anyone can read any of them in any order and not be confused. Start with Midsummer and go through to the end, or pick up Ultimate and then go back to see how it all started.

Q: How do you know the series is really over?
A: I’ve wrapped up the loose ends and left the characters in a good place, like I did with my “Royal Desires” trilogy - which I also never intended to be a trilogy! Those books were conceived as stand-alone titles, but I fell in love with the characters and knew I had to follow them to a natural conclusion. In Ultimate Night’s Delights, Vincent declares he’s not hosting any more balls—but that doesn’t mean the fun will stop for them. Readers will just have to use their imaginations!

Q: How do you keep the plot and sex fresh in each book?
A: I think giving myself space (and years) in between each book helped me come up with new and interesting plots and sexual encounters for my characters. Each book has an overarching sexual theme Midsummer – discovery (all this is new to Julian and Annabelle), Midwinter – self-control (Annabelle and Julian have to learn to control their urges) and Ultimate – sharing (they share their knowledge and talents and help other shy couples). I kept the overall theme for each book in mind as I wrote, and then let my imagination take over.

As for the plots, for Ultimate, I knew I needed something more than just a naughty ball, and after brainstorming, I thought of Vincent being blackmailed and disgraced. Then I had to devise a clever way for him to get out of it!

Q: Tell us about Lono and Lobo. Will they have their own book?
A: Lono and Lobo were introduced in Midwinter.  Readers met them briefly as they doled out wicked punishments to Annabelle and Julian. Although they took part in the activities, I didn’t give them their own sub-plot.

However, I brought them to the forefront in Ultimate. I made them part of the plot, told their backstory, and even revealed their true names. I like them a lot, but right now I have no plans to give them their own story. However, if you’ve read my gay paranormal, Killer in Wolf’s Clothing, pay attention to the scene where Deke and Larry go to the Alpha club. I’ve included an inside joke there!

Q: Of the three books, which is your favorite?
A: This is hard to answer. All my books are like my children, I can’t choose a best or a favorite. When I started plotting Ultimate, I went back and reread the beginning of Midsummer. I hadn’t read it in years, and I was hooked! Midsummer is my husband’s favorite, but he hasn’t read Ultimate yet!

Q: Will any of your other books have sequels?
A: I don’t have any plans for them now, but I did consider a sequel/follow-up to Trust with Hearts. It would be a short novella centered on Sherrie’s cousin, Dave. I also thought of maybe doing a story about Everett from A Perfect Match. (Readers, if you’re interested, let me know!!) Right now, I’m working on a new paranormal and toying with ideas for another gay contemporary.

Here’s the summary to Ultimate Night’s Delights. Excerpts are on my site and blog:

UltimateNight’s Delights
Julian and Annabelle are back for a final ball!
The Marquis of Demby’s Midsummer and Midwinter Balls changed Julian and Annabelle forever. Freed from their inhibitions, they now help other shy couples explore their sexual urges and hidden desires.

But life on Vincent and Sabrina’s estate is anything but tranquil. The notorious Duke of Blackwell has discovered the secret about the naughty balls and is out to destroy the marquis.

Vincent refuses to deny the rumors about the “anything goes” parties he hosts, and turns to his friends for assistance. Together, they devise a plan to defeat the Black Duke…and still find time for a few erotic games.

Next month, I’ll be back with paranormal romances!
Happy Reading!
Kelli A. Wilkins

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