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2 great reviews for The Viking's Witch and Killer in Wolf's Clothing

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Today I'm sharing two new great reviews for my two 2012 romances!

First up, Killer in Wolf's Clothing!

"Kelli A. Wilkins gives us an amazing new take on wolf legends with Killer in Wolf's Clothing."

Larry cannot understand why his boyfriend keeps disappearing for a few days each month. The only explanation Larry can discern is that he has another boyfriend.  Greg has no choice but to confess that he changes into another man during the full moon. Larry is not sure he can believe that much less accept it until he meets Deke.  Deke is Greg’s alternate personality and he is  an Alpha wolf man with a capital A.

Deke wants only two things. He wants to get laid and he wants revenge on the man who murdered his friends by setting fire to the club. Deke breaks free from Greg’s restraints and together with Larry sets out to seek revenge. Their hunt takes them to an Alpha sex club where Deke is soon distracted, allowing Larry to be captured by the murderer. Deke and Greg will have to work together if they are to rescue Larry before it is too late.

Killer in Wolf’s Clothing was a delight to read and enjoy. Deke was so different from Greg in his sexual needs and desires. Larry enjoyed both men for different reasons. Then trouble brewed and they all had to work together.  Kelli A. Wilkins has penned a tale that will heat your blood and increase your heart rate as you become immersed in both the hot scenes of loving and the terror of the crazy murderer.  Killer in Wolf’s Clothing shows that you never know who your neighbor is." Elise, Sensual Reads

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The Viking's Witch got a 4 Coffee Cup review from Coffeetime Romance!

Odaria is a powerful witch, a Pict who follows the old ways. However, by the 9th Century, Christianity has spread across northern Scotland and the Isles. While villagers still seek cures and potions in the dark of night, witches are tolerated in good times and blamed for any misfortunes that befell the community. When Brennan, the evil leader of the community, falsely occuses Odaria of murder, she is tied to a stake to suffer a horrific death. Odaria, like all witches about to burn, casts the worst of her curses.
The Norse king has commanded the Viking nobleman Rothgar out of retirement to command a band of Vikings to find his son who has disappeared with his ships and warriors. Rothgar’s search leads him to a beach on Stronsay, one of the Orkney Islands. His plan is to attack the only village, gather the villagers, discover the location of Orvind and his men, rescue them, and return home. Rothgar, however, did not anticipated meeting Odaria.
The villagers, terrified by the rampaging Vikings, are quickly scooped up into nets. Rothgar rescues Odaria from his Vikings by claiming her for his own. Both feel the passion ignited by a touch or look but Rothgar has his mission and Odaria must have her revenge. As they pursue their quests, they discover that they cannot deny the attraction that is becoming something more.
Author Kelli Wilkins created a fascinating world view of the forgotten Pictish culture. Despite the generally dark tone of the story, the evolution of Odaria’s and Rothgar’s relationship provides humorous episodes as two powerful people vie for position in their relationship. Nordskog, a Viking berserker who owed a debt to Odaria, was an intriguing secondary character, who needs his own story. Overall, The Viking’s Witch was an enjoyable read for a lover of historical romance." Rita, Coffeetime Romance and More
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