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Flash back to...THE DARK LORD

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This week, I’m sharing a bit about my Amber Quill Press historical romance, The Dark Lord. It’s a Gothic-style romance set in the Carpathian mountains. This novella was one of the original three that I submitted to the AQP “Amber Heat” contest back in 2005. The other two novellas were A Most Unusual Princess and TheSexy Stranger

When I set about creating the mysterious “Dark Lord” Adrik, I wanted to make him a flawed (and sympathetic) hero. He has two physical ailments (one most romance heroes never have!) as well as several psychological scars. As if they weren’t enough problems, he also has a reputation as a murderer (among other things). 

Everyone in the tiny, remote village is terrified of him and his castle – except the heroine, Katarina. This innocent peasant girl agrees to be his companion, yet instead of fearing him as the other companions before her; she takes the time to get to know him and helps him heal.

Here’s a plot summary:

Explore the mysterious, sensual castle of…


Katarina, an innocent village girl, agrees to become Lord Sebestyen Adrik’s latest companion, despite the dreadful rumors she has heard about him. When she arrives at his isolated castle high in the Carpathian Mountains, she discovers that the mysterious “Dark Lord” is a lonely, troubled man haunted by a cursed past. Katarina is left alone with Lord Adrik every night---will she become his next victim or find a way to cure him?

I’m happy to report that reviewers loved the book!

“8.5 Rating and a recommended read! Kelli A. Wilkins has a talent for writing the intriguing short fantasy, I've enjoyed every one of her stories to date and The Dark Lord is no exception. I really enjoyed her story twist; it made me wonder how she would resolve it. I would recommend anything by Kelli A. Wilkins including this short.” - Aline de Chevigny,

“5 Stars… The Dark Lord is a historical romance with a slight twist of intrigue to display a bit of suspense and just a drop of horror in the works to make the story flow along smoothly and keep the reader interested. Author Kelli A. Wilkins has woven together a wonderful story with characters who try to move both earth and sky to make their dreams come true.” - Wanda Maynard,

“5 Unicorns, Superb! Add to your immediate reading list… The Dark Lord is a superb gothic story of a tortured hero and an innocent, strong willed woman. The Dark Lord kept me interested from the very first sentence. I enjoyed the sinister surroundings of this story along with the sweet love that blossoms between the main characters. This is definitely a story to add to your immediate reading list.” - Anita, Enchanted in

 “Blue Ribbon Rating 4.5! Containing a fascinating plot, a mysterious Lord, and a girl that is not afraid to face “the dark lord” in his lair, this is a story that is sure to capture your curiosity and keep you reading until the very end. Katarina isn’t your typical timid girl, which is the main reason I adore her. Sebestyen is in so much pain, both physically and mentally; it’s impossible not to love him. Rumors have caused him much heartache and practically destroy any chance he would have of finding love. I thoroughly enjoyed how the story turned out.” — Chrissy Dionne, Reviewer, Romance Junkies

And to spice things up – here’s a short excerpt!

Sebestyen peered through the small vent in the wall and watched as Katarina untied the laces across her bosom. Her green dress fell open, and her breasts were illuminated in the candlelight. He licked his lips and stared at her rosy nipples. It had been years since he had suckled a woman. He swallowed hard. It had been years since he had done anything to a woman.

Katarina climbed into the tub and splashed water over herself. He held his breath and waited to see what she'd do next. If she was an obedient girl, she'd wash herself as he had instructed. If she wasn't obedient, he'd have to barge in there and soap her himself. He grinned. Now, which would he prefer?

So far, Katarina was working out perfectly. She was much more accommodating than the other girls. One had started fighting him the moment he'd tricked her into his lap, and another had burst into tears when he had told her to wash. Katarina seemed sensible and willing to follow his orders, but was she the one?

His heart thundered as Katarina soaped her arms and chest. Her nipples perked as she washed herself. He longed to feel her silky skin beneath his hands. Perhaps that would spark his body into a response. He looked down, hoping to see a bulge in his breeches. There was no reaction.
"Give it time," he muttered, slipping his hand between his legs. It was Katarina's first night here; if he disturbed her now, she would be put off to him. He stroked himself faster as she bathed. Despite the deep ache in his loins, his member remained soft and useless.

He studied Katarina as she stepped from the tub. Her pink nipples begged for his lips. The thatch of wet hair between her thighs teased him. Her long legs led to a tender, pink place untouched by a man. He'd give up everything he owned just to know the pleasure of a woman, to feel the sweet release he savored, but that could never happen. His suffering was punishment for his heinous crime...

I hope you’ll check it out. It really is a good story, with a perfect blend of gothic mystery and spicy romance. The Dark Lord, and A Most Unusual Princess appear together in my Amber Quill Press anthology, Naughty Nobles

As always, excerpts, reviews, and more details on all my romances are on my website:

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