Sunday, February 7, 2016

Naughty Nobles - Historical/Fantasy Anthology

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Today I'm sharing news about my Amber Quill Press romance anthology, Naughty Nobles. Here's the book blurb:
Naughty Nobles
A tantalizing threesome with something for everyone!  
If you always thought the nobility were prim and proper, think again! This collection of historical-fantasy erotica will have you longing for a remote castle of your own. Previously available only in electronic format, these steamy novellas and short stories have now been combined for a paperback edition. Included are the tales......

A Most Unusual Princess
A high-spirited princess who's not shy about sating her unfulfilled desires...
Princess Elara needs to find a royal husband, but claims that no man can satisfy her. Dalton, Elara's special guard, finds her unusual misbehaviors charming---and enthralling. Dalton's aloof manner intrigues Elara, and despite their differences, they share forbidden nighttime passions.
The Dark Lord
An anguished, mysterious Lord with a penchant for peeking...
Katarina, an innocent village girl, agrees to become Lord Sebestyen Adrik's latest companion, despite the dreadful rumors she has heard about him. When she arrives at his isolated castle high in the Carpathian Mountains, she discovers that the feared 'Dark Lord' is a troubled man haunted by a cursed past. Katarina is left alone with Lord Adrik every night. Will she become his next victim or find a way to cure him?
A Midsummer Night's Delights
A free-loving Marquis who always satisfies his guests' secret fantasies...
Young newlyweds Julian and Annabelle are miserable. Their arranged marriage is lacking everything--especially sex. Julian is harboring a secret urge, and Annabelle's longings go unnoticed, no matter what she tries. But all that changes when they are invited to the Marquis' Midsummer Ball. Their unconventional hosts, Vincent and Sabrina, introduce them to a world where their most intimate, hidden passions are explored. Swapping and naughty games are just a few of the surprises awaiting them.
I enjoy writing in different genres and romantic styles. Some stories in this anthology are intense and focus on fulfilling lustful cravings, while others touch on the awakening of desire. Naughty Nobles is a good mix of diverse characters, settings, and sexual discovery.  I had fun writing all three novellas and I hope readers enjoy them. 
The stories will be available as individual ebooks until March 3, 3016. Read more about all 3 books on my site: 
and catch up on all of my romances on my Amazon page:

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