Sunday, September 14, 2014

Read all about A SECRET MATCH - hot new gay romance

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I've been busy guest blogging, doing interviews, and basically sharing the news about my new gay romance, A Secret Match. I happy to say that the book is now available on Amazon and B&N. The links are:

A few readers have asked... is A Secret Match the sequel to A Perfect Match?
Yes and no. I’d call it a follow-up more than a sequel. In a sense, it’s a continuation because A Secret Match takes place in the same world of professional wrestling. Nick, Blaze, Vin, Danni, and Ev are all carryover characters from A Perfect Match. But that book showed how Vin and Danni met, and Ev played a small role in that story. A Secret Match is all about Ev and Josh, and Vin and Danni have supporting roles. Each book stands alone as an individual read, and they’re both pretty hot!
I'm sharing a big list of links - read guest blogs, interviews, excerpts, and more about A Secret Match here:

Read a book spotlight, excerpt, and an interview with the hero here:


Zipper Ripper Interview:

Read of the week:

A SECRET MATCH just got a 4-star review! Read it here:

New Night Owl Romance Interview:
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