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Kelli's Quill Newsletter - Big April Issue

Kelli’s Quill
Big Romance Issue
April 2014

Hi everyone!

Happy Spring! This month I’m sharing news about my two new historical romances, Wilderness Bride
and Dangerous Indenture, plus info on Wrapped in White, and links to guest blogs.

Let’s get started!

Kelli’s Two New Historical Romances…

Are now available! Wilderness Bride is Kelli’s sixteenth Amber Quill Press romance. This traditional historical is set in the wilds of the Michigan Territory in 1823. The book was a lot of fun to write and is an exciting blend of adventure and tender romance.

WILDERNESS BRIDE is the Love Lust & Lipstick Read of the Week:

Wilderness Bride

A woman running from her past…straight into the arms of a wild stranger
In a moment of desperation, Kathleen Stanton flees her pampered life in Kingston, New York and ends up stranded in a small town in the Michigan Territory. Out of money and lacking a means of escape, she impersonates a handsome stranger’s mail-order bride. Kathleen calls herself Michelle and begins living a lie with her “husband,” Luther, in an isolated mountain cabin. She tells herself the arrangement is temporary until she can move on.

Luther can’t believe his luck when his beautiful blonde bride arrives, but something doesn’t feel right about his new wife. She has terrifying nightmares involving a man named Roger and is reluctant to talk about where she came from. But Luther is harboring a secret about his background and fears Michelle will abandon him if she learns the truth about him—and his family.

The couple tries to maintain their rocky relationship as they work to fight brutal townspeople and overcome harsh living conditions. When circumstances force Michelle to stay longer than she expected, she succumbs to her growing attraction and falls in love with Luther. But when they finally give in to their desires and agree to become a proper man and wife, a dark figure from Michelle’s past catches up with her, putting her and Luther in grave danger.

Wilderness Bride is available in ebook and paperback formats. Order your copy here:
 and from Amazon:

See all of Kelli’s AQP romances here:

Kelli’s second romance with Medallion Press, Dangerous Indenture, is a spicy historical is set in Pennsylvania Colony that blends romance with mystery. It is available exclusively in ebook format.

Dangerous Indenture

Eager to escape her past in Ireland, Shauna Farrow signs on to become an indentured servant to Joshua Stewart, a wealthy man in Pennsylvania Colony.

But a life of servitude quickly turns to drudgery, and her hopes for starting over and creating a better life for herself are waning—until she meets her master’s roguish son, Ashton.

Shauna fights her growing attraction to Ashton, torn between propriety and acting on her emotions. But amidst their flirting, something dark stirs. Shauna soon discovers why no other servants will work for the strange Stewart family.

Stewart House has an unsavory reputation: a previous servant died there under mysterious circumstances. When another servant goes missing in the middle of the night, Shauna is convinced that a member of the family is responsible.

When Shauna’s investigation leads her too close to the truth, it’s up to Ashton to save her before time runs out.

Dangerous Indenture is a featured excerpt here:

Order your copy of Dangerous Indenture here:

Get Wrapped in White!

Kelli’s Latest Horror Story

Kelli’s ghost story, “Thursday Night Bingo” appears in Sekhmet Press’s Wrapped in White horror anthology. This collection of thirteen tales of spectres, ghosts, and spirits was released in March and got several 5-star reviews! Read more about the book and order your copy here: 

Read Kelli’s interviews about the book, the making of the story, and horror writing here:

Kelli’s Guest Blogging!

Guest blogs on historical romances & HEA endings:

Spicing up Romances with Menage:


I hope you enjoyed this issue of Kelli's Quill. Next month, I'll be sharing excerpts from Wilderness Bride and Dangerous Indenture, social media marketing tips, and more!

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Kelli A. Wilkins


  1. Hi Kelli,
    Will you be writing anymore viking erotic or historical romances I love ♥♥ Vikings and read The Viking's Witch ☺☻. If you do plan on writing more spicy ;) romances on handsome Norsemen, I think not having paranormal aspects would be preferable. I like paranormal, but not w/ vikings all the time I just favor the essence of the era and the characters more so than anything else.
    Jimena Judith ☺

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comment! I love hearing from readers. Right now, I'm not planning on more adventures with Rothgar or other Vikings, but you never know. Books have a way of coming to me wanting to be written.

      Glad you liked the characters - I had fun writing that book and it was a nice change to explore a different time period.

      I hope you'll check out my two new historicals - Wilderness Bride & Dangerous Indenture - they just came out a few weeks ago.

      Thanks for writing!

    2. Hello Kelli,
      I purchased both of them on Amazon already as soon as they came out and I mentioned to you how much I loved Dangerous Indenture & Wilderness Bride ♥♥♥☺☻ :D <3 :) I always like your posts on Facebook too.
      Jimena Judith (JJ Edgy)

    3. Hello Kelli,
      I purchased both of them on Amazon already as soon as they came out and I mentioned to you how much I loved Dangerous Indenture & Wilderness Bride ♥♥♥☺☻ :D <3 :) I always like your posts on Facebook too.
      Jimena Judith (JJ Edgy)

    4. Thanks so much!!! I'm glad you liked them. Please post a review on the sites and let others know. I love hearing from readers, so encourage your friends to write too!
      Happy Reading!