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Kelli's Quill Newsletter - New Autumn Issue

Kelli's Quill Newsletter
Late Autumn 2013 Issue
The Official Newsletter of Author Kelli A. Wilkins
Hi everyone!

Happy November. I hope you all enjoyed Halloween! I know I did.

You may have noticed that my newsletter has an entirely new format. Drop me a line and let me know how you like the new style and look of Kelli’s Quill. I included a short survey below and I'm interested in your feedback. (Look for the format and style to change as I figure out what I'm doing!!)

This issue has news about my latest romance release, Ultimate Night's Delights, links to guest blog posts, reviews, and more.

  Check out my newest interview about Ultimate Night's Delights here:            

   My latest erotic romance from Amber Quill Press, Ultimate Night’s Delights was released in September. It’s the third and final novella in a series that began with A Midsummer Night’s Delights and continued with A Midwinter Night’s Delights. Although all three stories are connected, they each stand alone as individual reads.

  I think fans of the first two novellas will find this one to be a satisfying conclusion to the series. (The book has gotten some great reviews!) Here’s a few links to blogs about the book:

Read more about Ultimate Night’s Delights here:

Then check out a fun Q&A with Julian from Ultimate Night’s Delights here:

Ultimate Night’s Delights

Julian and Annabelle are back for the final ball!
The Marquis of Demby’s Midsummer and Midwinter Balls changed Julian and Annabelle forever. Freed from their inhibitions, they now help other shy couples explore their sexual urges and hidden desires.

But life on Vincent and Sabrina’s estate is anything but tranquil. The notorious Duke of Blackwell has discovered the secret about the naughty balls and is out to destroy the marquis.

Vincent refuses to deny the rumors about the “anything goes” parties he hosts, and turns to his friends for assistance. Together, they devise a plan to defeat the Black Duke…and still find time for a few erotic games.

The book is available in several electronic formats. Order your copy here:

Amber Quill Press:



Two Reviews for Ultimate Night's Delights

"5 stars! Lots of sexy fun!  I enjoyed following the adventures of Julian and Annabelle and in this book they're no longer the shy couple they started out as. Vincent and Sabrina, as usual are fun and sexy and they've taught Julian and Annabelle very well. Vincent's issues with his enemy, the Duke of Blackwell play out along the way, and lead to a very satisfying ending." - Nerdy Girl, (Amazon Review)

"4 stars! Awesome finale. I love the characters and the plan they come up with to help defeat the Black Duke. I'm glad that Julian wasn't an arrogant guy in this story, but a very concerned individual. I was a bit concerned how Julian and Annabelle seem to be sex slaves to Vincent and Sabrina, but at least Julian and Annabelle were able to help other shy couples. Really enjoyed the characters and hope maybe there could be another book :)" - Dawn, (Amazon Review)

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I hope you enjoyed this issue. Look for an "end of year" recap in next month's issue.

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Happy Reading!

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