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Kelli's Quill Newsletter - BIG Jan/Feb Issue

The Official Newsletter of Kelli Wilkins
BIG January/February 2012 Issue (Vol. 5 Number 1)
Hi everyone! Hope the new year is treating you right. Before we get started, I’d like to thank everyone who joined my blog, signed up for my newsletter, and followed me on Twitter in 2011. As always, feel free to forward this newsletter to your writing groups, social networks, and friends. I look forward to chatting with readers and other writers in 2012!
Let’s begin with a review the best of 2011:
KELLI’S WRESTLING ROMANCE:  A PERFECT MATCH was released by Amber Quill in March 2011. This sizzling contemporary romance is set in the world of professional wrestling and is available in electronic formats and paperback. The book was a finalist in the 2004 “American Title” contest and received several great reviews.
“5 stars! Kelli A Wilkins’ A Perfect Match is one of the best books I read in awhile. It’s romantic, sweet and HOT!! Vin and Danni have it bad for each other and once they both give into their passion, its hot and heavy. I really enjoyed this book, it has a great storyline and I loved all the characters.” – Wanda, Reviewer, Romance Writers Reviews

“4 stars! A Perfect Match is a how-to manual of what goes on in the professional wrestling world. I found it fascinating. You don’t need to know or like the sport to enjoy this tender, yet fierce love story, with a ‘HEA for now’ ending. I hope you like it as much as I did.” – Patrizia M., Reviewer, Manic Readers

“Kelli A. Wilkins writes a daring romance. She gives her readers ringside seats to a spectacularly sexy main event. Danni may have her reasons for being deceitful, but her treachery will not allow her to obtain what she honestly wants. Vinnie may be on his way out, but he will not surrender without the fight of his life. Together, they create a tag team that cannot easily be defeated. Ms. Wilkins certainly pins her readers and keeps them down for the count. I definitely could not stop reading once I was caught firmly in the grasp of the entangling romance. A PERFECT MATCH throws out all the rules and shows just how no-holds-barred love can be. This was a fun, fast, and feisty tale.” Melissa K., Reviewer, Noveltalk

KELLI’S GAY ROMANCE: Kelli’s first gay romance, Four Days with Jack, was released by Amber Quill Press’s Amber Allure line in May. Set in a Caribbean resort, this contemporary follows the budding romance of two best friends. This novella also got great reviews!
“4 Gold Crowns! Four Days with Jack by Kelli A. Wilkins is a great story about best friends Jack and David. Two friends who have been in love with each other for years, and, for various reasons, afraid to let it out, finally give in while on vacation. David and Jack are beautifully created. They both have their faults but love each other enough to want to try. Kelli A. Wilkins’ Four Days with Jack is a great story about accepting who you are and going after what you really want.” - Jaymes, Reviewer, The Readers Round Table (Read the full review here:
“Four Days With Jack was exactly as promised. Hesitation, longings, risks, fears, and in the end, taking love the way it comes. The sex is hot, the characters likeable and the writing was easy to read. The peaks and valleys of the story come from David and Jack coming to terms with their relationship. Their secrets are exposed but those secrets and actions come with consequences. Their journey is a pleasant read and one I’m sure you’ll enjoy as well.” – Seriously Reviewed (Read the full review here:
I thought that (Kelli) Wilkins did a very good job portraying the confused David and the wary, but hopeful, Jack. David’s inner turmoil and fears about outing himself were so heartbreaking. I definitely felt for him. Overall, I believe that FOUR DAYS WITH JACK is a strong romance with very likeable characters. I’m quite glad that I went ahead and read this story. I learned that as a romance fan I can definitely appreciate and enjoy those that feature two male heroes. FOUR DAYS WITH JACK is an emotional, yet sexy coming-out story about two men finally opening themselves up to the possibility of a great love. It was an excellent introduction into the world of m/m romance.” – Jennifer, Reviewer, Romance Novel News

In April 2011, Seriously Reviewed interviewed Kelli about her books. The link is:

Fallen Angel Reviews also posted an interview with Kelli. You can read the full interview here:
Kelli’s guest blog/interview was posted on July 7, 2011 on the “You Gotta Read Reviews” site. The link is:  She shared info on her books, the writing process, and more.
On July 12, Kelli was a featured “Author Spotlight” on the website Best Romance Stories. Click here to read the spotlight:
Kelli made the rounds as a guest blogger on the Seriously Reviewed blog. She shared an inside look at all of her romances. Here are a few links to her most recent blogs:
Kelli’s interview with Whipped Cream also appeared online on July 12. Here’s the link:
IT’S NOT ALL ROMANCE: Kelli’s flash fiction horror story “Death is Just a Tick Away” appeared in the premier issue of Dark Moon Digest e-Magazine. The magazine is available in Kindle ( and Nook (B& formats.

Here’s the link to order a Nook version:

The story also appeared in the Frightmares: A Fistful of Flash Fiction Horror paperback anthology published by Dark Moon Books. The story is based on a real superstition! The link is:
 CATS & HORROR: Kelli’s horror story, “Just an Innocent Little Cat” was published in DARK THINGS II: Cat Crimes: Tales of Feline Mayhem and Murder in December 2011. The character of Chester is based on a real-life orange cat. All proceeds from sales of this anthology go to several cat sanctuaries across the USA.  Buy a copy (or three) on Amazon. The book link is:
COMING IN 2012….
Kelli’s full-length historical/paranormal romance, THE WITCH & THE WARRIOR will be released in e-format by Medallion Press in August. Here’s a plot summary and a link to the page.
Scotland, 803 A.D.
 About to be burned at the stake by her fellow villagers, Odaria does what any betrayed witch facing certain death would do. She calls down a curse. Within seconds, rampaging Norsemen raid the village, capturing everyone except her.
 But her reprieve is short-lived, and Odaria lands in the clutches of the Norse leader Rothgar. Can she remain true to herself and fight her growing attraction to this domineering man, or will she fall under his influence and be used for his ambitions?
After Rothgar witnesses Odaria’s powers firsthand, he strikes a bargain with her. The raven-haired beauty will use her magical abilities to help him with his quest in exchange for safe passage off the isle. But can this cunning woman be trusted, or is she using him to exact vengeance on her village?
Together they must fight bloodthirsty villagers, battle a mutinous band of Norsemen, find a missing Norse ship, and learn to trust each other . . . before time is up.
SHORT STUFF: Look for Kelli’s stories “A Purrfect Match” and “Exception to the Rule” to appear in the February issue of True Confessions Magazine. (These are the submitted titles, so they’re subject to change.)
IN THE WORKS: Kelli is currently working on several new romances (a m/m paranormal, a historical mystery, and a few others….). Her website should be updated soon…really!
Kelli has added book pages to her blog! Links, covers, and summaries are there for the reading! She’s going to add horror pages soon, too.
Kelli’s Writings are on Amazon: Did you know that all of Kelli’s writings are on Amazon? (Romance, short fiction, anthologies, horror, non-fiction, and everything else….) Visit her author page and catch up on books you may have missed. The link is:
Kelli’s Where on the Web?
Here’s a quick list of where to find Kelli on the web.
Something to Think About
It’s nearly February, the time of year when thoughts turn to romance and love. March is just around the corner, and everyone’s getting ready for spring….so naturally writers are thinking about…Autumn? Halloween? Yes, believe it or not, some publications are already planning late summer or early autumn issues. What’s the rush, you ask? Most magazines work on issues two to three months in advance, while some plan anywhere from six to nine months ahead.
What does this mean for writers? Well, if you have a great seasonal/holiday story (or article) waiting to be sent out, don’t delay! (As a general rule, I submit seasonal stories six months in advance of the holiday.) Depending on the publication and the rules about simultaneous submissions, you may have only one shot of submitting your seasonal story this year. By sending it “early” your story has a good chance of falling onto the editor’s desk when the editor needs it, and it could very well be accepted into one of the coveted seasonal slots. In some cases, (if your story is rejected quickly or you learn that a publication has folded), submitting early will allow you to send the work elsewhere within the proper timeframe. With a little advance planning, you could see your seasonal work published sooner than you think!
Something to Write About
Are you working on a seasonal story and don’t know it? Whether you write romance, horror, or mystery, your story has to be set at some time of the year. Spend a few minutes and think about all the sensory details of the season you can add to any piece of writing. (The crisp crunch of oak leaves in autumn, a fresh-cut grass smell, icy blasts of December wind, the salty taste of sweat in summer….) But don’t just focus on the weather. Each season/holiday has its own particular sights, sounds, and smells. And don’t overlook tiny details such as flowers, insects, and animal life. (I once tossed a book across the room because the author had tulips blooming in September!)
Writing exercise: Pick a holiday/season and write a little story around it, using as many details as you can. Consider breaking away from the “traditional” seasonal stories (not every horror story happens in October). For example, why not set a romance at the beginning of the new school year? How about a terrifying tale that takes place on the 4th of July? (Preferably one that doesn’t involve frogs - that’s been done.)
You might be amazed at what you come up with, and you could turn a writing exercise into your next submission!
I hope you enjoyed this issue of Kelli’s Quill! Feel free to share it with friends. Next time, I’ll share some writing tips and an excerpt from an interview!
Happy Reading,
Kelli A. Wilkins

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