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A Month of Romances – Part Four - Trust with Hearts and The Sexy Stranger

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People always ask me, “Out of all the romances you’ve written, which one is your favorite?”

This week, I’m sharing a bit about my two favorite Amber Quill Press contemporary romances – The Sexy Stranger and Trust with Hearts. Why is it a tie? Both books are dear to my heart and feature sexy, skin-tight jean-wearing heroes – now how can you choose just one?

But that’s where the similarities end. The Sexy Stranger (released in 2005) is a fun contemporary that puts a different spin on hitchhikers and mistaken identities. An attractive stranger has just jumped into Lauren’s car and is kidnapping her! (But don’t worry, it works out okay.) I wanted to add some elements of danger, but without putting my characters into too much jeopardy. This story is a very condensed version of an idea I had for a full-length romance (which I might write one day).

The hero in Trust with Hearts (released in 2010) is a lonely country music singer named Curtis, and Sherrie finds herself falling for him – even though he’s not her type. Curtis may be shy, but he’s keeping a whopper of a secret from her. This full-length novel won Honorable Mention in the 2009 Reading Writers “Romantic Encounter” writing contest. This book has a country setting and is more laid back then my other romances.

Here are plot summaries and a few review snippets for both books:

The Sexy Stranger

Lauren's life was predictable and boringuntil the day she met a sexy stranger along a deserted Nevada highway. When an ex-con named Matt jumped into her car, he introduced her to a world of steamy passion and intrigue that she'd only seen in movies. Lauren soon realizes that this bad boy has a romantic and passionate side he's been shielding from heralong with a few other secrets, as well.

Reviews for The Sexy Stranger

"8.7 Rating! The Sexy Stranger by Kelli A. Wilkins is an erotic comedy. You can see the charged heat between Matt and Lauren. You can feel the attraction to each other grow as the story progresses. Another fabulous story by Kelli A. Wilkins." - Aline de Chevigny, In the Library Reviews

"The Sexy Stranger is a hot, sexy, fantasy read. The sparks between Lauren and Matt quickly turn to flames. If I close my eyes and imagine an encounter with a hot sexy stranger, this steamy short story fulfills the fantasy." Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed

"The Sexy Stranger is every woman's secret fantasy. This story hits the bullseye with sexual desire, anticipation and a thrilling ride. Kelli A. Wilkins shines in this story. I found myself captivated from the first sentence to the ending. Well done, Ms. Wilkins. Well done indeed." - Emma Gayle, Romance at

Trust with Hearts

After a bitter breakup, Sherrie Parker seeks refuge at her cousin Dave’s house in rural West Virginia. Early one morning, she runs into Dave’s other houseguest, a singer named Curtis Taylor. The last thing Sherrie wants is to share living quarters with a country music crooner – even if he is sexy, in a cowboy sort of way.

Thrown together by circumstances, Sherrie and Curtis get off to a rocky start, but soon discover they have more in common than they ever imagined. Unable to fight their growing attraction, they give in to their desires and start a sizzling summer romance.

Everything is perfect between them until Sherrie discovers that Curtis is keeping secrets from her – and his biggest secret of all will change everything. Can their newfound love survive, or will destiny keep them apart forever?

Reviews for Trust with Hearts

"Trust With Hearts is a must read. You will laugh, cry, and in the end, you will totally fall in love with the story, characters and all. Trust With Hearts is typical Kelli A. Wilkins work. It is character rich, and full of drama along with some sizzling scenes to spice it up. The relationship with her characters helps us see that Curtis and Sherrie may not make it, but then, as the drama unfolds, and she shows us their hearts, we realize there just may be more there than meets the eye. This book will remain on my favourites shelf for a long while, and it is a definitely recommended read from this reviewer.” - Rose, Reviewer, Romance at “

"4.5 stars! Trust With Hearts is beautifully written. You struggle with Sherrie as she tries to regain her footing, and Curtis’s charm is intoxicating as it flows off the pages. I am always thrilled when I get the chance to discover a new-to-me author who I can’t wait to read more from.” - Emily, Reviewer,

So, what’s on the blog horizon for March? It’s March Madness! I’ll be sharing a sneak peek at A PERFECT MATCH (my upcoming Amber Quill Press contemporary set in the world of professional wrestling), plus sharing more writing prompts, tips, and advice.

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