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Kelli's End of Year Newsletter & Blog

Hi everyone!

This is my last blog for 2010. To celebrate (and share news) I'm posting the Nov/Dec. issue of my writing newsletter,
Kelli's Quill. (You can sign up via the 'contact the author' form in the News section of my website.)

In 2011, I'll keep posting the newsletter on the blog and sharing writing tips and exercises, news about my latest projects, and who knows what else? Stay tuned!

Happy New Year!



The Official Newsletter of Kelli Wilkins (

November/December Issue (Vol. 3 Number 6)

Greetings! Happy Holiday season, everyone! This issue is filled with news about new interviews, blogs, and more! Enjoy!


Kelli’s Been Blogging: In November, Kelli was the guest blogger on the Whipped Cream site. She offered writing tips and advice. You can read the blog here:

Her previous Whipped Cream blog is archived here:

Kelli’s personal blog, Kelli’s Quill, The Blog focused on fantasy romances all through November. She will be blogging about anthologies in December. Comments and followers are always welcome. You can follow and read the blog here:

Kelli’s New Interview: In November, Novelspot posted an interview (complete with photo!) of Kelli. She talked about the writing life and the making of her most recent Amber Quill Press romance, A Midwinter Night’s Delights. Read the full interview here:

Kelli’s on Kindle!: Did you know that all of Kelli’s romances are available in electronic format? Visit to read reviews of Kelli’s books! Don't forget to look for her books on Barnes & Noble dot com, too!

Don’t Miss Kelli’s 11th Amber Heat romance: A MIDWINTER NIGHT’S DELIGHTS, the long-awaited sequel to the Amber Heat best-seller, A Midsummer Night’s Delights, was released by Amber Quill Press on September 12. This spicy novella is available in a variety of electronic formats. The book link is:

Hot excerpts, descriptions, and buy links for all of Kelli’s books are on her Amber Quill Press author page:


For Kelli’s latest interview, check out the Novelspot link:

Last issue, Kelli was interviewed about her new book and the life of a writer by Romance Reviews Today. Follow this link to read the full interview:


The holiday season is here and many writers put their projects “on hold” or “run out of time” to write. You may be wondering how you can possibly write when there are a million other things to do — but how can you not? If you’re a serious writer (or at least serious about your current project) you write year-round, regardless of the season, the weather, and whatever other distractions come along. Writing is like exercise — you have to make time to do it every day.

This time of year is a great opportunity for writers. Just think of all the interesting people, parties, and other dramas you usually encounter during the holidays. Why not use them as the basis for a story (or article?). How about turning some unsuspecting party-goer or relative into a character in your next story?

You don’t have to start writing a novel or finish a short story in a day (unless you want to), but you can work on developing a character, outlining a story, or submitting existing material to publications. Remember, writing is like exercise, if you do a little bit every day, you’ll see results in a short time.

If you’re not sure what to write (or are in between projects), why not jot down notes about your favorite (or least favorite) holiday memory, funny family stories, or simply reflect on those who are no longer here to share the season? Some of the most tender and emotionally touching stories are written at this time of year – and they resonate with readers.

But whatever (and however) you celebrate, make it count. Remember that time is precious and that “now” is all we have. So, shut off the tv, unplug the music, turn off the cell phone, and focus on being present with your loved ones. They are the one gift money cannot buy.

That’s all for this year, folks. I hope you enjoyed the Quill! Feel free to forward this newsletter to friends, family, writing groups, authors, and anyone who likes to read or write. Don't forget to sign up for my blog!

See you in 2011!


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