Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Midsummer Night’s Delights — True Confessions or Fiction?

A Midsummer Night’s Delights — True Confessions or Fiction?

Do you "act out" the love scenes in your books? Is the sex in your books based on your real experiences? Is it hard to write love scenes?

Believe it or not, these are some of the most common things I’m asked when people find out I write romances.
The questions mostly come from relatives or others who are trying to get under my skin. When it first happened, I didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t want to be completely rude, but after they probed and pestered me, snickering to themselves, I decided to answer the questions. Being a creative writer, I came up with the following:

"No, I don’t act out the love scenes. Do you think mystery writers practice killing people for their books?"

"Nope, sorry. I made up all that sex. In fact, I even made up those characters…that’s what makes it fiction. (And no, the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park weren’t real either!)

"Love scenes aren’t hard to write. I just spy on my characters and write down what they do."

The short answers seem to work just fine. I don’t think the hecklers would sit still and listen long enough to hear some of the real answers.

Love scenes (or sex scenes, or whatever you want to call them) are fun to write. You get to let the characters run wild, experiment, and do whatever comes natural. Writing love scenes is always a process of discovery. I base the intensity and actions in the scene on the particular story, plot, and characters. What’s going on in the bedroom (or study, or bathtub, or…wherever) has to flow naturally into the story and match the characters’ personalities.

Certain characters in my books (like Prince Allan from The Pauper Prince) are up (literally!) for anything, while other characters (Lauren, from The Sexy Stranger) are more conservative.

There are a lot of intense sexual scenes in my book, A Midsummer Night’s Delights, as Julian and Annabelle discover their hidden desires and experiment, but those scenes allow them to grow and learn about themselves over the course of the story. And, yes, it is a story.
And get ready for the sequel! A Midwinter Night's Delights is coming out on September 12, 2010. It's my eleventh Amber Quill Press romance. I'll be blogging about the plot (and how the sequel came about) in next week's post - so stay tuned.
Right now I can say that the sequel is even hotter and more intense than the original. Annabelle and Julian are in for some surprises....
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